Instagram, schminstagram

Less then 2 minutes ago I was browsing my Instagram. I think that I, like most people, am more addicted to it than I'd like to admit... but I'm getting better, I promise.

But what brought me here, in a sudden necessity to post was my stories timeline. Not mine per se, but of the people I follow. People are getting mad and losing touch with reality, that's the only explanation I can find... And then we wonder why depression is getting more common around the world and why people are suffering from so many mental health issues!

The specific case from today was an "influencer" that I've been following for a while now. She used to be great, talk about travel and different cultures and she was real. She wasn't one of those girls that are miraculously thin and that have the most perfect life. She used to show how her followers how things really were and that was refreshing. But today, as I was getting up to date with the teasing circles on the top of my Instagram, I got to her stories...

... and there she was, showing a box that she had just received at her house. It was a Jimmy Choo box. She unboxed it, reminding everyone about how much she had loved that pair for a while and that she actually needed a pair for her sister's wedding, but oh well, she ended up with that one instead. I don't know what pissed me off more, if it was how she referred to brand as just "Jimmy", as if she was a really close friend of the designer or the fact that she inserted a link to Farfetch (an online luxury store) for people to buy the shoe. 

Actually, I don't think it was for people to buy the shoes, because if you follow the link (which I did) you'll find out that that specific pair costs nothing less than R$5,155 (approximately US$ 1,325). And there's where the losing touch with reality comes into play! For those who don't follow international  news, Brazil is not on its best financial health right now and regular people are struggling to make ends meet. How in the hell someone thinks it's acceptable and healthy to act like spending this kind of money in a pair of shoes is something tangible? Where's the ability to put yourself on other's people shoes (no pun intended, but it kinda worked)?

And to make matters worse, this is not an isolated case. This is becoming more and more common in Social Media! People are portraying a completely unreal life as if it's the most real thing on Earth and then they try to clear their conscience by making a following post saying "hey, guys! please keep in mind that instagram is not real! that you should not compare yourself to what you see online! but here! look at my new prada bag and YSL shoes that I got for free just because!" Really?! Really?!

Hypocrisy is being celebrated, superficiality is being idealized and our values are being completely destroyed. As long as we strive for this kind of things, instead of realizing that the important things in life are the subtle ones, the ones that come from inside rather from the outside, we'll keep losing the battle against depression and we'll never be able to simply accept who we are meant to be. Be and not have.


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